Small local patois lexicon

(Thanks to Doctor Gaston Rocq for the original texts)

It is often said that Walloon is threatened with extinction.

Besides the fact that two Walloon words have acquired citizenship in the Petit Larousse (ringard or ringuel or rangon, and drunk), we have identified around 60 expressions, words, turns of phrase or pronunciations specific to Montignies and which make that thanks to this dialect the natives of the place can easily recognize each other.

Here's a fun little pick:

Crastoffé Fermented white cheese, turned fat, remelted with butter and eggs
Sure cheese draining water
Campes Explosions fired near the bride's home, in the evening, the day before weddings (for the boys: burn the chestnuts)
Spots Tasty nickname, amalgamation of the Roman cognomen with a Gauloiserie, a savory or familiar nickname, without derision; affected all families without exception until around 1960
Brugon Perche for jumping streams
Canolle Utensil for carrying buckets of water on the shoulders and going to the fountain
Tribouler Ringing baptisms, also means making cumulets
Taillon Great-grandfather, great-grandfather
Calaudeuse Woman who brings back gossip
Archelle Flexible twig
Marache Swamp
Couvache Brooding hen
Mouson Annoyed, disapproving, annoyed
face Scallops Tickling
Connects White jelly
Journeu Surface corresponding to a day's work
Stake Short scythe handled with one hand for grain harvesting
Avet Hook for Fold down the stems on the stake and assemble the sheaves
A tirlarigot A tirlarigot
Torquette Small bale of straw
Truck Cart with three wheels tilting backwards
Barot Tilting vehicles with two or three wheels Tramiot Sleigh made of a forked branch to pull the binoir Pulles Beet pulps Rabrougnie Thwarted Losse Deceiver Blot
Meat cutting
table Fwan
Mole Hangnie
Bite Fourstone Salamander Courtour Traverse furrow at the end of a field Forrière Last furrow at the limit of the neighbor Muot Petie haystack Yoyain Regain, 2nd cut of grass after the hay Pits Water point where the cattle drink Arliguédaille
Without ceasing
Landon Towing bar for 2 or 3 animals
Lamiot Towing bar for a single animal
Combiot Big rope to tighten the charrées
Maffe Gerbier
Goriot Harness
Stalounie Stallion trainer
Télie Cheese drainer
Escorie Whip
Ounènne Caterpillar