Castel 'Chateau de la marquette' (Cogels)


Built at the entrance to the village and accompanied by a walled-in terraced garden spread out over the hillside, the Château de la Marquette, also called Château Cogels, is a beautiful manor house in the late Louis XVI style. Of harmonious proportions, it was built in the last quarter of the 18th century and two outbuildings at right angles complete the main body set back.

The classical style gradually evolved in the 1st third of the 19th century and is illustrated here as elsewhere by dwellings whose facade, streaked with bands, has quadrangular bays. The dwelling set back at n° 10 rue de la place and dated 1809 by anchors on the facade bears witness to this in the center of the village.

The area on which it was built was once a wooded lot of the castle (see History). It probably owes its origin to a Frenchman related to the Comtesse de Maele de Masnuy Saint Pierre, relative of the Marquise du Peyrou.

Its construction dates from around 1760. It is assumed that it is a kind of small 'French Folie', in honor of that time. The oldest known owner is Mgr. Léopold Eugène De Biseau de Bougnies, a noble family from Mons who, among other things, had several aldermen in the 18th century. His niece, the Marquise du Peyrou, inherited it on her death.

When the marquise died in 1917, Charles Delabaye bought it and sold it to the Belgian real estate company in 1921. Suzanne Malherbe, mother of Mr. Jo Preud'homme, bought it in 1923.

The architect who designed the plans would be from Mons.

Of the castle furniture, there are only 2 life-size statues left which would be the work of another Mons, Leriche, who worked at the Sèvres factory, the chapel of Mgr de Biseaux has been decommissioned. In the park is a pillory bought from Cambron Abbey by Mme Malherbe.

Today it is owned by the Cogels family.