Dutch Period (1814 - 1830)

The revolution of 1830

Volunteer of 1830: we find the trace of LH Delobel, cavalry major, knight of the order of Leopold, born in Montignies on 20-10-1806 and died on 30-6-1879,

Remarkable character: Count Alphonse, doctor in physical and natural sciences, member of learned societies, author of several books, born on 18-10-1824 in Montignies and died on 20-7-1881.

Patriotic donations: In the bulletin of the decrees and acts of the provisional government and the decrees of the national congress of Belgium, October 1830, we find all the communes of the canton of Lens in the spotlight, these subscriptions were used to supply the combatants in Brussels - Lens , 702 fr 41 ... Montignies, 105 fr 82.