Past Communal Life

The world is changing and it may not always be to its advantage....

Formerly, the rural policeman, acting as public crier, communicated the notices at the door of the church, at the end of the masses, later, he posted the notices on the walls, now, the rural policeman no longer exists ....

After the baptism, the godfathers and godmothers threw liards to the children on the church square, planting the may and selling the may were very pleasant customs. Some have stood the test of time but are becoming very rare, such as that of pulling the camps on the occasion of a wedding and of triboulering or chiming for a baptism,
They were very hilarious, these ducasses from the bridge (at the café jacquot and at Adèle's The burp). From Niclet, at Cattier, at Braguette, at cabbage, at Boyel, with the frog game, calf bread, the sack race. soap pole, rifle shooting, bicycle carousel, horse racing on marsh meadows, crossage, singing, liars, bland contests ....
The blue smock and the silk cap made our farmers look good! ! !
Culinary specialties
The stomach was not forgotten by our cordons bleus who proudly prepared waffles, maton tarts, pagnon, galimafiat and soyette
A hundred years ago, there were 52 cabarets or drinking establishments in Montignies, as a sign, for the most part, it was a bouquet hung above the door; but some had a humorous sign: "in hot bed", (reliefs, extensions), "in the beautiful sun", (Waneuken, Bouloirs), "at hunters' rest", (Calers, Roche) "madjette hotel", (a. Destrait, Oak) upholstered with the Mons newspaper, "auberge des blanc berte", (Pèlerin,

In the past, to draw water from the fountain, we used a canolle, and to cross the river, outside the bridges and footbridges, we used a jumping pole called brugon,