Faits Marquants

The 'Montagnards' have always had great loyalty to their commune, which is why it was with great sadness that they followed the great upheaval of the mergers of the communes of 1977.

Did you know that in 1961, Montignies-Lez-lens was the scene of a terrible air disaster?

Miss Mathieu, aged 60, lived on the road from Lens to Montignies, in the hamlet of Bouloir, an isolated villa of fairly rustic construction. She was said to be fairly well off and, even recently, she had taken over the estate of her two brothers.

Did you know that in 1892, we discovered in Montignies-Lez-Lens during repair work on the road to Neufvilles, at a place called 'Bouloirs', vestiges and Frankish tombs.

Did you know that the last woman guillotined in Belgium was Montagnarde?

Solas Benoît , linen pinner, aged 36 (in year 6), born in Gages, domiciled in Montignies Lez Lens,
Raucq Hugues , day laborer, aged 50 (in year 6), born in Herchies and domiciled in Montignies Lez Lens,
Sentenced to death by judgment of the Criminal Court of the department of Jemappes on 22 Messidor of the year 6 (Tuesday July 10, 1798)....