Grotto "Notre Dame des Bouloirs"


An unexpected little gem at the bottom of a discreet little asphalt path located in Montignies-Lez-Lens. This is the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes also called the grotto of "Notre Dame des Bouloirs".

A Virgin of Lourdes hides in the crevice of a rocky massif, behind a magnificent curtain of greenery. It is a place of great calm and meditation, sheltered from all passage.

You will find something to collect yourself there, as well as candle holders.

Made in 1895 by Edouard Raucq, organist by profession, assisted by Léon, Emile and Rémy Descamps, farmers, this cave, dug into the rock, is in fact a replica of the real Lourdes grotto. There are more than 3 000 each year to light a candle at the grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Every year, in May and August 15 (meeting at 3:30 p.m.), hundreds of pilgrims from the surrounding villages - and other regions - come to say a prayer for the attention of the Virgin Mary, and to greet the replica of Saint - Bernadette. It is said in the corner that, if all the villagers do not go to mass, everyone, on the other hand, goes to the cave.

The cave belongs to the parochial works. It is superbly maintained by a few pure Montagnards.

For the Montagnards, this cave is an institution. "Assumption Day is like a ducasse." If she did not observe miracles there, as in Lourdes, we notice that the pilgrims leave small letters in which they ask for grace or thank the Virgin for the grace granted. "Every year, more and more people come. They must have been heard."

The procession starts from the village, descends the rue des écoles, des bouloirs, to arrive at the rue de la roche.

Just before the rue de la roche (after the farmhouse), you will find a small macadam road on your right, which will first run along a magnificent pond, as well as a building of the water company on your left, the cave n is not very far (See map below)

The short walk to reach the cave is really worth it, very quiet, wooded, in short in the middle of nature.